Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No Template Tuesday for me...

Welcome to Template Tuesday. Today I am just showing everyone the sketch that we were supposed to play with this week. It was done by Kimmi who is no longer doing the TT but she had already provided this sketch so we are using it.
This past weekend I had to have all my sewer pipes replaced. The sewer lines run through the ceiling of my scrapbook room which means right now my scrapbook room is in shambles. I had to move everything to one side of the room and I havent been able to get back down there to put it back together. So hopefully I get that done this week.
Check out the other gals though, I am sure they came up with something great for this sketch.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Template Tuesday 4/21/09

Welcome to another week of Template Tuesday. This week I provided the sketch. Make sure you check out the other ladies blogs to see what they came up with for the sketch. Links are to the right.

Above is the card I made for the sketch. Everything is SU except the stamp set is PTI and in the ink is PTI


Sunday, April 19, 2009

$38 a Week! $2000 A Year!

So last week I was sitting around at work and decided to figure out what I spend a week on cigarettes. Since the prices were raised I have thought a little bit about it but not a whole lot. Well at $5.57 a pack and a pack a day that equals just over $38 a week and over $2000 a year on these dang things! Can you say CRAZY!!!????!!!! Its insane! Do you know what I could do with that money????????? So I decided this morning that when I am done with this pack of cigarettes that I am DONE! I am done killing myself with them and done spending money on them. Maybe I will take that money and save it for a trip to Cancun or something. :) Sounds good to me! So wish me luck and yell and scream at me if you hear that I smoked another one after today! :)


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Friends For Life

Can you tell that I LOVE this set from PTI? I swear its about the only set I have used since I got it last month! I just love it. I made this card to send to my friend Shannon. Who doesnt like happy mail? Sometimes is just fun to open your mailbox and have something besides mail! I also love this pattern paper from SU. I dont remember what its called but I love it! Love the pinks/greens together. And I think PTI's Ripe Avocado and Raspberry Fizz go along perfect with it.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Silly Kitty

I think I have posted before about my cat. He loves to find any box in the house and sleep in it!! I dont know why he likes to ball up like this and sleep but he does. Today he found my box that my Patriots shoes came in. He crawled right in and promptly fell asleep. Silly kitty!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Template Tuesday 4/14/09

Welcome to this weeks Template Tuesday. Today our sketch is brought to us by Melinda. I really like this sketch. I think its because of the scallops. I like to use scallops in my design. So good job Melinda!! Below you will find the sketch, followed by my card. Make sure you check out the other Template Tuesday ladies. The links to their blogs are on the right.

Above is the card I made with the sketch. I used All PTI materials for it. The colors are True Black and Hibiscus pink. I used the stamp set Life. I think that may be my new favorite right now with PTI. I havent used any other set since I got it. :)

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Angie and Haley Party Time

Last night my friend Haley and I went out and had us a great time! We started the evening at her house watching the Biggest Loser from Tuesday night. Although I knew what happened I hadnt seen it so I wanted to watch it. After that we went to Carlos O Kellys for dinner. I have a real hard time choosing food here but I was able to find something.
Do you think I can ever remember to take a picture of the food BEFORE we eat it? Heck no! My plate had already been taken away but above you find the remains for our chips/salsa and Haley's plate. She said we were going to sit there long enough for her to get hungry again so she could finish her food but I dont think she ever finished it. It was yumminess!

In the above picture you find Haley taking a picture of the remains of the food also. :) She has to blog too ya know. :)

After we ate dinner and sat at our table for long enough we decided to move up to the bar and have a drink. And thats where this picture was taken. After we left we went back to my house and I changed clothes. I got into a pair of jeans that 3 weeks ago didnt button. :) YAY for me! Then we went to Strazlos in Ossian and finally then to The Thirsty Camel in Fort Wayne. We had a blast! There are more pics from this great night that I will share in another post. I gotta get Haley's permission first for one of them. :)

Hope everyone is having a great Easter! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Template Tuesday 4/7/09

Welcome to Template Tuesday on this fine Tuesday morning. Of course its wintery cold out so its not really fine. :) I thought spring was here. We had alot of warm nice days. But the last few days have been cold and we have had snow! YUCK! Spring needs to get here and stay!! Today's sketch is brought to us by Ami. I am so proud of her for not using circles. :) And it was an easy sketch to work with! Make sure you check out the other ladies blogs and see what they came up with this week. I havent taken Kimmie's link off the list but she is no longer participating right now in Template Tuesday.

Below you will find my card. I used SU designer paper and cardtock. The ink is Raspberry Fizz and Ripe Avocado from PTI. And then I used PTI's "Life" stamp set. I really like that set!


Monday, April 6, 2009

New Gym Shoes!!!!!!!

How stinking cute are these shoes????? Ami was in Florida last week and she called or actually texted me then I called her back cause she said they had Patriot gym shoes at the Reebok outlet store. I have looked around here for these but living in Colts country, its not easy to find Patriot apparel. She sent me a picture of them while she was there and I went and picked them up yesterday morning and absolutely fell in LOVE with them!!! They are the cutest shoes. Well at least to me. :) Check them out below. :)

On the side of the shoe you find the Patriots emblem. SO cute!

On the front of the shoe you find the word "Patriots". On the tongue the NFL logo. Then while out at my mom's yesterday I noticed that on the back of the shoe it has "AFC East" which is their division. The NFL logo is also on the bottom of the shoe. I just love them! Thanks Ami for picking them up for me!!


Cheryl's Paper Bag Scrapbook

I posted last week about a lady at my local gas station getting her own store and the going away party that we had for her. With the pictures we took that night I made her a little paper bag album so she could have something to remember the night by. Its a very simple little book using 3 paper bags, SU designer paper and cardstock, PTI's Life stamp set, and PTI's raspberry fizz and ripe avocado ink.

This is the front cover of the album. I used PTI's Life stamp set.

First couple of pages showing what a great time it was on the dance floor. Super fun times!
Cheryl had a great time with her co-workers!

The lady on the left we didnt know but she decided to crash our party and dance with us. :)

The funny part about the picture on the right is that Alicia really doesnt like the lady she is picking out music with so we had to include this pic in the album as a little funny.

The last couple pages to the book wishing Cheryl aka Myrtle good luck!

Hope everyone has a great day! I will be back tomorrow with Template Tuesday!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why does a sister mean to you?

Maybe this isnt the right place for this entry because its a crafting blog but ya know, sometimes personal stuff just creeps its ugly its ugly head into my blog. Do anyone of you out there have sisters? Well I have 3 of them. Before today I would have said that these girls would bend over backwards to be there for me. I loved them, trusted them with everything, all that good mushy stuff that goes along with being a sister. I can still say that about 2 of my sisters. The other one can just never show her face around me again. I dont care if I ever see her or talk to her again. Hey Becky, remember back when you were going through all that stuff with your divorce and all your bazillion and one suicide attempts? Who was always around? Who left work to come to the hospital to make sure you were OK? Who visited you in rehab? Oh yeah that would be your SISTERS! And how do you thank us for that? Or at least 2 of us? Oh yeah, you go and sleep with our men! NICE! You cant find your own guy? What was the purpose of going after ours? What did you accompolish? Did you think we would never find out? Were you laughing at us everytime we were all together? Did it make you feel good that you got away with it? Well guess what, you didnt get away with it. We know. And unlike Christine who hasnt told anyone, I have told everyone. There wont be anymore "whoa is me Becky" with me. Everything that has happened to you, you have done to yourself. And dont go blaming this on some medical issue with yourself. Thats crap! And to top it off, you have lied to my face about it. Remember me asking you if you have ever done anything? Why you would always come to my house when I wasnt home? And you would say "I would never do that." LIAR! You did do it and not only to me but to Christine too. More than any of us, Christine has always been there for you no matter what. You two have always been close, just like Tonya and me. And you screwed her. Nice job Bec! Have a good life without me!

OK, back to your regularly scheduled crafting blogs. :)