Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some more TAC sets for sale..

Here is another set of TAC stamps that I am selling. I am slowly getting to the end of them. But there are still more to come.

T-378 Crackle Background $7

T-2192 Tropical Snowmen $8

T-2121 So Girly $8

T-2662 Treasure Seeker $12

T-543 Brushed Tulip $12

T-1157 Halloween $12
T-2130 Precious Girl $15

T-2657 Pirates $13

R-113 Summer Princess $8
T-325 Snowman Family $15
T-2115 Just Smile $10
T-2217 One Bright Star $8
T-2267 Warm Hello $8

T-1056 Haute Couture $15

T-739 Gerbera Daisy $3
T-2176 Static Words $15

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More TAC Sets for Sale

Here are more TAC sets that I am selling. More still to come....

T-2002 Make A Wish $15.00 never cut or used

T-2375 Little Inspirations $15.00 never cut or used

T-2027 Ship Collage $3.00

T-2318 Kallioppe $8.00

T-2273 Everything Nice $8.00

T-2584 Something For You $5.00

T-2566 Tip Toe $12.00

T-253 Hello Seasons $15.00

T-2120 Believe $15.00 not cut out or used

T-1057 Shoe La La $12.00

T-2350 Bitty Bugs $ stamp cut out and used

T-2282 Label Words $15.00 not cut out or used

T-2339 Friendships Flowers $15.00 one cut out and used

T-2089 Lighthouses $8.00

T-1253 Christmas Fun $15.00

T-2166 Piggly Wiggly $5.00

Template Tuesday

Welcome to another edition of Template Tuesday!!! I hope everyone is inspired to create a card or even a scrapbook page with this sketch done by Maria.

And make sure to visit Melinda, Maria, and Ami's blogs to see what they came up with this week.

Maria's Sketch:

My Card:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

TAC Stamp Sets For Sale

Hello everyone. I am going to be selling all my TAC stamp sets. Why you ask? Because I want to buy other stamps. I just dont use these wonderful images very much and I think they will be happier in another home where they will be used. All prices are discounted from the retail cost. Most are cut out and mounted on EZ Foam. The majority are not used. But those that are, they are in mint condition and stamp excellent. I accept Paypal and money orders from those in the US and paypal only from those in Canada and other International places. If you have any questions just let me know. I will be listing ALOT more sets in the coming days so pay attention to this post as I will be adding them here. Prices do not include shipping. I will charge actual shipping charges.

T-2538 So Glam $8.00 never used

T-195 Sentiments $15.00 just a couple used

T-453 Words of Wisdom $10.00 just a couple used

T-1198 Valentine Mice $8.00 one stamp used

T-497 The Right Shoes $8.00 never used

T-2221 Sweet Sayings $15.00 just a couple used

T-280 Stitched Sampler $14.00 a couple used

T-2118 Spring Flowers $12.00 a couple used

T-900 Soaring to New Heights $8.00 a couple used

T-1232 Rub a Dub Dub $15.00 a couple used

T-1213 Relax Gorgeous $8.00 never used

T-1216 Rocket Full of Fun $8.00 never used

T-2715 Partridge Hostess Set $7.00 one stamp used

T-2019 Merry Fun $15.00 never used

T-2179 Long Stems $15.00 one stamp used

T-1246 Java Nice Day $8 never used

T-897 Grand Medallions $12.00

T-1200 Eclectic Wagon $9.00 Never Used

T-1202 Easter $5.00 a couple stamps used

T-867 Christmas Candle $4.00

T-Blooming Builders $12.00 Never used..not cut apart

T-727 A Girl Thing $8.00 never used