Saturday, February 28, 2009

Enjoy Life

Hi all. I hope that everyone is enjoying their Saturday!
I made this card using all PTI stuff. Does that shock anyone? I seem to always gravitate towards my PTI stuff over all the other things in my stamp room. Maybe its because this stuff is always front and center. Or maybe because its by far my favorite company!! I love their Perfect Match product line. I love it when the paper, ink, ribbon, embellishments all match each other.
On this card I used spring rain cardstock, ink and ribbon. The pattern pattern is from the Bitty Dots collection and the colors are Lemon Tart and hmmmm the name of the light pink has slipped my mind. Whats wrong with me? Well anyone, if you know PTI, you know what color I am referring too. The stamp set is Handwritten Notes. By far my favorite sentiment set to date!
Enjoy the rest of your day!!


Friday, February 27, 2009

Its a day of mourning...

Its a day of mourning today. My hottie Tom brady got married last night. :( Yeah I know, cause I had a chance with him, right? :) But I must wear black today. :) I heard it on the radio this morning that him and Gisele tied the knot last night.

Thats all for today. No crafty stuff. Just share in my sadness. :)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

You Make Me Smile

Hi everyone! Its the gateway to the weekend!! YAY! One more day till the weekend. :)
I wanted to make a card just using a sentiment. I have seen these done but have never really done one myself. I really like how this one came out. I used all PTI products except the flower and rhinestone. I used true black cardstock, raspberry fizz pattern paper and ink, polka dot basic stamp set and the new handwritten notes stamp set. I really, really like that set. I think this is a bright and cheery card that anyone would love to get!!
Hope everyone has a great day!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sympathy Card for my sister

Good morning everyone!! Happy Hump Day!
My sister Tonya called me onMonday night and asked if I had any sympathy cards made up. Do you think out of all the cards I have laying around that I would have a sympathy card? NO! So Tuesday morning before I work I made this card for her. She needed one for a casual friend that had recently lost her husband. Both are very young and have 3 children so I am sure the friend of hers is going through a very rough time! I hope this eases her pain just a little bit.
Supplies are all PTI.
Cardstock and Ink: Ocean Tides and Ripe Avocado
Pattern Paper: Bitty Dots Ocean Tides
Ribbon: Ocean Tides
Stamps: Out on a Limb
Hope everyone has a great day!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Template Tuesday 2/24/09

Welcome to this weeks Template Tuesday. This week our sketch was brought to us by Maria. This was an easy sketch for me to work with! YAY for easy sketches!! Gotta love them! Why dont you play along with us? If you want to just link back your card here so we can all check it out. And make sure you check our the other Template Tuesday bloggers. The links to their blogs are over on the right side.

The Sketch:

And this is the card that I made. I used PTI cardstock in Ocean Tide. The ink is also Ocean Tide. The pattern paper is some scraps I had left from a DVD tin album I made and that paper is from SU. The present stamp is from Great Impressions and the birthday saying is from the new Handwritten Notes from PTI. I love that set!!

Have a great day everyone!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Weight Loss Week 6

Well this is my 6th weigh in and I lost 2lbs. Obviously I always want it to be more but 2lbs a week is a good way to lose it. I started my second week at the gym this morning and it was much easier to get up today then it was last Monday on my first day!! I just need to stick with it! I have also started taking some vitamins to try and help my metabolism out. We will see if it helps!

Today is a short post, no card to share. Just my weight loss. I will be back tomorrow for Template Tuesday. Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi Ya CPS104 Card Sketch Challenge

Happy Sunday!! Last day of the weekend! Blah!
The card I made today is for the Card Positioning System card sketch challenge. You can win a great prize from PTI!! That will make anyone want to enter a card!! And I dont even know what they prize is. But anything from PTI is great! I used the new Melon Berry and New Leaf colors from PTI. PTI's new buttons are just great! And you get a ton of buttons for $5! I used PTI's stamp sets Little Lady and Handwritten Notes. I love the Handwritten Notes sets. The sentiments are great and they were all written in the design team and Nicholes actual handwritting. Definitely a must have stamp set! I think there are 28 sentiments in it all for $24! What a deal!
Well I am off to finish some housework. The gym doesnt open till 12 today so I can get my housework done before going to the gym! Have a great day everyone!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Inspire Me

Happy Saturday! My friend Julie and I joined a gym last weekend and this was our first week working out there. I really wasnt sure that she would make it through the week so I made her this card to tell her "congrats" on making it through the first week. The first time is always the toughest! I used my new PTI Melon Berry paper, ribbon, buttons and some bitty dots pattern paper. I also used my new Aerobic Riley stamp from Hanna Stamps! Love that little Riley! I think Julie will like this card. I will give it to her on Monday when I pick her up bright and early at 4:15. Speaking of 4:15am, do you think this morning I could have slept past 4:15 since I didnt "have" to get up? Heck no!! I was wide awake! Luckily I was able to fall back asleep and work up at 6:15 and then I got up and went to the gym.
I am off to clean the house. Have a great day!


Friday, February 20, 2009

Friendship Card

Good morning everyone! Boy am I wiped out this morning! This is my first week of getting up at 4:15am to go to the gym before work. I had been working out after work but decided to join the gym with a friend and go before work. And today I am TIRED! I am so glad tomorrow is Saturday so that I can sleep in! The gym isnt open till 7am on Saturdays so I get to sleep in for a few hours! YAY!
I made this card using all SU stuff except the ribbon and the flower. They are just misc stuff I had in my stash. I really love this stamp set!! And the new colors of cardstock and pattern paper I got are really fun to play with!
So I have been making all these cards for my blog lately and I have collected quite a few of them. I havent been making them for any particular reason other than to post here. So what do you do with all your extra cards. I am thinking about taking them to work and setting them out for the ladies to look through and purchase. Someone is always looking for a card for one reason or another and it seems like I have a nice variety in the container. Anywhere from baby to sympathy and just because type cards.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

New PTI Goodies

So on Tuesday I got a big box of new goodies from PTI! I havent been able to order from them in quite awhile so I played catch up. It was a very good time! I made this card using 2 of the new colors I got. Raspberry Fizz and Dark Chocolate. The polka dot paper is from their new collection of bitty dots pattern paper. There are 45 8 x 8 sheets of paper in the pack for $10. What a great deal! The other pattern paper is part of the Raspberry Fizz collection. I love all my new goodies. The stamp set I used is from SU. I think its a retired hostess set.

And the picture below is of my cat. He loves to a good box to sleep in. Over the weekend he found the box my SU stuff came in and slept in that. I bought a set of new glasses the other night and yesterday afternoon I went to move this box and found him sleeping in it. :) Silly kitty!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ribbon, Ribbon and More Ribbon

So who out there in blogging land has an abundance of ribbon? I know I do. I seem to use it on most of my cards and scrapbook pages. Its just a nice embellishment for anything you are creating. Below are 2 pictures of how I have my PTI ribbon stored. The first container is full and I have started on my second. Its really a nice way to store it. I can see what I have and what I want to use at a glance.

Full Container of PTI ribbon:

Second container of PTI ribbon. Soon to be full. :) I can see myself needing alot of these containers!

OK, and here is my HUGE problem!! This is some more of my ribbon that I havent a clue how to store. I bought the dollar store out of the wooden clothes pins but have never taken the time to wrap them. Maybe I should. Maybe I shouldnt. I just dont know. All these ribbon is just sitting in a big pile. Some in containers, most sitting outside of containers. Then I have another priority mail box full of more ribbon. I just dont know what to do with it all!! Any suggestions?
Oh and BTW, I made sure I got some of my Patriots stuff in the picture. :) All the walls of my craft room are full of Patriots stuff. I'm a buff I tell ya!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Template Tuesday

Hi everyone. Its Template Tuesday time again. This week our sketch is brought to us by Kimmie. We are somewhat away from circles with this but there is still one there, lol! Thats OK! I had fun with this sketch. I got to use my new pattern paper and cardstock from SU. SU, you say? Not PTI? LOL, yes I do use other paper besides PTI but its not often. I just love the new yummy colors I got from SU. :) They are so summery. Is that a word? If its not, it is today cause I said so. We would love for you to play along with us. If you do, link it back here so we can check it out. And make sure you check out the other template tuesday girls. The links to their blogs are on the right side.

The Sketch:

My card:


Monday, February 16, 2009

Weight Loss Week 5?

OK I think this is week 5 weigh in. I am sure Haley will correct me if its only week 4. But I am pretty sure its week 5. I am down 2lbs for a total of 15. YAY! Yesterday a friend of mine and I joined a local gym and this morning was our first morning there. I woke up bright and early and we were at the gym at 5am. We worked out for an hour and it felt good. I love working out in the mornings but the last 5 weeks I have not been able to drag my butt out of bed. Having to pick her up and go somewhere was motivation enough to get up! I have all the equipment I need at home to work out but I like going to the gym. I will also do my work out DVD's in the evenings for a double whammy. :)

I know I promised something crafty today but I didnt get anything made yesterday. But tomorrow is Template Tuesday so you know there will be crafty stuff tomorrow. :)

Have a great Monday!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

My New Bed

Good morning. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am a little tired this morning after staying up to order all the new stuff at midnight from PTI. :) But after ordering I got to climb into my brand new bed. Its been about 12 years since I have had a new bed so I deserved one! I got a good deal on the head and foot board too. Its HUGE! The empty stand next to it is also new and I havent put anything in it yet. I also have to take out my elliptical and treadmill and put it down in my scrapbook room. The new bed just takes up too much room. Thats my treadmill over there covered up by my Patriots blanket. :) And yes thats a Patriots pillow on my bed. :) If i was 16 again I would have my Tom Brady poster on my bedroom wall. :) But I put all those in my scrapbook room instead. I will be back later or tomorrow with something crafty to share. I just wanted to share my new bed this morning.
Have a great day!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little Saturday Night Fun

So I saw over on Melinda's blog a neat little thing that you can do over on google. She saw it on the Paper Pleasing blog. So I thought since I am sitting here waiting on the PTI release party that I would do it.

What you do is go to google and type in "Angie Needs" but in your case put your first name. Leave the quotations in place. Then come back to your blog and list the first ten things it says. Below are what it says I need.

1. Angie needs an agent. An agent? For what? That an undercover agent? Hmm, interesting.
2. Angie needs food. no I dont. Really, I just ate dinner like 3 hours ago. I could go for a beer though.
3. Angie needs some self esteem and self love. Now this I buy. Always had problems with self esteem.
4. Angie needs to triple it. To triple what? Confusing!
5. Angie needs a nap. Nope, again just had one earlier today so I could stay up for the release party.
6. Angie needs a night of blinding sex. WHAT???!!! Really, it did say that on google. LOL!
7. Angie needs guidance. LOL, thats all I have to say.
8. Angie needs to become an actress. No I dont. I am good with the job I have. Of course I would make more money.
9. Angie needs sleep. Apparently google really wants me to take a nap.
10. Angie needs to let her fear go. My fear of what? I would tend to believe this. If I could let my fear of some things go maybe I could get rid of my annoying OCD!!!!!

OK, that was a fun little game to pass the time. Now you go try it and see what it says about you. Haley if you read this I am sure you will do it. :) Cause its just the type of thing you would like. :)

Nothing Is Worth More Card

Happy Saturday!!!!! I am so glad its the weekend!!! It was a long week at work with Friday being the worst day! There are so many that are affected by the economy and my work place was hit yet again by it on Friday. 2 employees with about 20 years of service got laid off and the rest of the hourly employees got their hours cut. Those that are left are greatful to still have their jobs and we all just have to pull together and stick it out! Things will turn around! We just have to hang on through the rough times!
I made this card using all PTI products again! I love these 2 colors alot. I got the sketch for the card in another one of my many magazines! I love to follow sketches!!!!
Well I am off to get my hair done today and do a little more shopping that needs done. I hope everyone has a great day!!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Bitty Blessings Card

YAY its Friday baby!! Who does not love Fridays! Last day of work for the week! Of course I cant really complain about my job at all. I work with the best people and have the greatest boss you could ever ask for! Unlike my friend Haley. She has a douche for a boss! And see she cant complain about him on her blog because she lives in a small town and the more people that read her blog, the better the chance of word getting back to him that he is a douche. So, that is where I come into the picture. She doesnt know it but I am going to vent for her and tell the blogging world that her boss is a big butt!! He needs to get a life and leave her alone! He doesnt want me to show up and punch him! Cause I will. And also, if anyone knows of good jobs that arent inthis silly state of ours let me know. :) She prefers warm weather all year long. I prefer she move to Nashville so I can visit all the time. :)
Anyway, I made this card using everything from PTI. I just love that company so much! The only thing I used that was not PTI was the scallop border punch which is from SU. I paper pieced the little onesie. I think it came out super cute! I got the card idea from one of the zillion magazines I have laying around here. I used the sketch from that magazine.
Hope everyone has a super great Friday!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

All About Today Card

Ahhh Thursday!! The week is almost over! YAY!! I am looking forward to the weekend! I am buying a new bed! :) Its been MANY years since I have had a new bed and its long over due! :) Fun times!

I put together another quick and simple card for you today. Only stamping is the saying. Cardstock and pattern paper are both from PTI. Just cant get away from their stuff! :) And they have new fun and yummy colors coming out this weekend so make SURE you check them out on Sunday. They of course have new stamp sets coming out too.

Off to work I go again. Yesterday wasnt too bad without my co worker. The phones decided to be nice to me today so I got alot done. Of course it rained literally all day so I am sure I will get lots of calls today with leaking windows! :) Yuck!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Stamping Card

Hi everyone. Its hump day! halfway through the work week! YAY!
I wanted to do a very quick and simple card so I decided to do one without any stamping. All supplies are from PTI. I just cut the pattern paper at different angles and adhered them to the base pattern paper. Then stuck the scalloped circle with the flower on and I was done. I didnt add any saying on it so it can be used for any type of note card. :)
The rest of the week is probably going to be pretty busy at work. My co worker is now gone until next week on Tuesday. I will enjoy the alone time in the department but one of the things I disliked about my job the most is answering the phones. Normally always rings when I am in the middle of something! Never fails. :)
Hope everyone has a super day!!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Template Tuesday

Welcome to Template Tuesday! :) This weeks sketch is brought to you by me. :) I know I am tired of these circles but do you think I could do a template without one? No I couldnt, lol! Maybe next week we will get away from them. :) If you would like to play along, we would all love to see your creations. Just link it back here in the comments so I can check it out. Check out the other template tuesday girls blogs to see what they did with the sketch. The links are over on the right.

The Sketch:

My Card:

Kind of a bright and cheery card with these colors. Not sure I am real happy with it. Just looks a little plain. There are no embellishments at all on it which is odd for me. I just used the same papers that I had out from the scrapbook layout I did yesterday.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Dancing Girl Layout

Blah, its Monday morning! Time to go back to work. It will be a hectic week after Tuesday because my co worker leaves on vacation for a few days. While its nice to be alone in the department, I hate answering all the phone calls, lol! :)
This is another layout for Meg's scrapbook. This picture looks like she had a little dancing attitude. :) I tried to take the colors out of her outfit for the page. Another pretty simple layout. I used Kraft cardstock from PTI for the base, pattern paper from Doodle Bug, misc ribbon, and some primsa flowers. I added some diamond stickles to the centers of the flowers. This has been the most I have scrapbooked in a LONG time! I am so far behind on my own albums! But the pictures keep coming in! I dont think I will ever be "caught up."
Hope everyone has a great day!


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Scrapbook Page

Grrrr, the weekend is almost over!!! Why does it go so fast! But this weekend has been warm and it smells like spring outside!! The sun is supposed to shine today but so far its pretty overcast. But its still way warmer than it has been! I even have some of my windows open to clear some of the winter air in the house. :)
This is another scrapbook page that will be going in my friend Kims daughters album for her graduation open house. She just gave me a bunch more pictures from her senior year. Yikes! I better get moving.
The cardstock is from PTI, pattern paper from Basic Grey. The stickers are from some company that I cant remember lol! The layout was quick and simple just like all the layouts are going to be.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

PTI Bitty Dots Sketch Challenge

Have you gone over and checked out PTI's birthday celebration yet? Its 14 days worth of tons of fun leading up to the 15th where they release brand new stuff!! Today Nichole's challenge was a sketch challenge. You printed off a connect the dots page and once you were done connecting the dots you had a sketch to work with. What fun! Who doesnt love to play with a connect the dots paper every now and then! This is the card I came up with for the sketch. Everything I used is from PTI except the little rhinestones. I am really looking forward to Sunday at midnight when all the new stuff is released. I am really hoping that they are coming out with buttons to match all their papers. That would be great! They are also releasing a new ribbon. A 3/8" swiss dots ribbon! I love smaller ribbon so this will be perfect! If you have never checked out PTI, what the heck are you waiting on?
Hope everyone is having a great day!