Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brady to Moss, Brady to Moss and Brady to Moss!

OK, first off. Ami, I promise this is the only post this week about football. Well, you know until Monday but technically that is a new week so I am OK! Are the Pats ready to rock Baltimore on Monday!! We are going for 12-0! Let's hope its not like the Eagles game last Sunday! All we want to see Monday is those passes between Brady and Moss!! We need this unstoppable duo! OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming!

Take a Bough...

Last night I played around with the Take a Bough set from PaperTrey Ink. You can find the set here. I really like this set and I think I will make some of my Christmas cards with it this year. I need to cracking on those cards!! I am behind on my present making and Christmas will be here before I know it! I used Scribbles 3-D paint for the snow on the branches. I hope it looks OK. I wasnt sure.
Have a great Thursday!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Co-Workers Gift for this year....

Every year I make my co-workers a present. This year I decided to do the nugget boxes that I saw on the PaperTrey website. You can find them here I also used the Holiday treats stamp set. I just love all my sets from Paper Trey. If you havent been to Nichole's site, please check it out and try her stamps! They are awesome! And no, I am not in any way affiliated with the site. Just a very satisfied customer.

Monogram Set

This is a monogram set that I made for my secret sister at work. I CASE'd the idea from Nichole at PaperTrey Ink I really hope she likes it. I didnt decorate the envelopes like Nichole did because I didnt have another piece of cardstock the same as what I used on the paper so I just inked the edges of the envelopes. I hope to get better taking pictures of my creations with my new digital camera. The camera I bought at 5am on Friay. :)
On a side note. I literally had a stomach ache last night when the Eagles almost beat the Patriots. I have to agree with the announcer that said the Eagles had a blueprint on how to beat the Patriots. Their defense against Moss was great and they did not let up on him. But thankfully our defense saved us a couple times with the 2 interceptions! And we walked away still undefeated. The stomach ache went away and I was able to sleep! :) It was anything but an easy game for them.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I promise maybe only one or 2 posts about this....

OK, I promise to try and only post once about the game this week. OK maybe I may post again Sunday!!! But are the Pats going to get their 11-0. Is Brady going to get closer to setting the record for the most touchdown passes in a single season? Is Moss going to set his record? Are the Pats going to get closer to beating the overall points total for a single season? You can count on it! Go Pats! Beat those Eagles!

July Calendar Page

Good Tuesday morning. This is my July calendar page for the calendar swap. I am looking forward to getting the calendar back and displaying it next year. I used Sweetybellas on this page. Can I say this isnt my favorite Bella to color? Theres just alot to color. :) But I used my colored pencils and blender pen. Base cardstock is from Marcos. I think the pattern paper is from Daisy D's but I'm not sure. :)
Have a great Tuesday!! Only one more day of the work week after today!! YAY!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

October Bella Calendar page...

Good Sunday evening everyone! I decided to post a calendar page during commercial break. BTW, the Pats are up 28-7 in case you were interested. This is for a calendar swap that I am doing. This is my October page. I used Witchybella and some misc pattern paper and ribbon. The page IRL isnt crooked like my scan makes it out to be. The lumpiness of the page made it scan crooked. I also have the months or Febraury and July and I will share those sometime this week. Enjoy!! :)


This is a card I made from a card kit swap that I was a part of. You sent in pattern paper, embellishments and the Bella image. You then make cards from the kits. This is one of the kits that I received. I believe this is Staceyfishabella. I am so terrible with the names of the Bellas. :) Sorry! Base cardstock is from DCWV. All the other stuff, I am not sure what it is since it came in the kit. I colored the Bella with none other than my colored pencils and blender pen. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Take a break from what you are doing, and go watch some football. :)

Let's go Patriots, Let's Go!!!!

OK, just one quick post about football..........GO PATRIOTS! They are going for 10-0 tonight against Buffalo. I thought it was a 1:00 game and I was a little saddened because the Colts also play at 1 and living in Indiana, what game do you think I will get? Of course, the Colts. So I was thrilled when I saw online that they play the late game tonight so I will get to see it! YAY! GO PATS!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Bella card..........

Dont ya just love Bella's?!?!?!? I sure do! I got this image in another image swap so I havent a clue what her name is. Sorry about that!! Cardstock is from DCWV and the smile sticker is also. I used SU's scalloped circle punch to layer the sticker. Colored her in with colored pencils and my blender. Hope you like it! :)

Well its finally the weekend. Did last week move slow for anyone? It sure did for me. And next week will probably be worse since we only work 3 days! But I sure am looking forward to the long weekend!! I cant even believe that November has flown by and its now almot Thanksgiving!! But I am proud of myself! I have the bulk of my Christmas shipping DONE! I have never once did that since my kids were born. Normally I am still shopping on Christmas Eve! But not this year! :)

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I cant believe I forgot.....

to post about my boys beating the Colts!!! And let me just tell you that I was not the favorite person at the party I was at!! I have found that Colts fan around here are pretty confident in their team and pretty cocky. Well I decided not to be cocky that day and sat through most of the game without yelling "in your face" too many times. Especially since my boy got sacked in his opening drive. Not a good way to start the game. And then there werent a whole lot of things to get excited about until the 4th. And when the Pats came back in the 4th and Peyton got that last sack and turned over the ball to us, I couldnt help but be a little excited. And with 33 seconds left on the clock, I proudly stood up and said "in your face" to every person there! YAY! Now they just need to do that in the playoffs and I will be one very happy person! For the last 2 weeks, everytime I have something Patriots on, I get nasty comments from total strangers. Now we dont have cocky Colts fans around here, we have VERY bitter ones. And I would just like to say to all of them, GET OVER IT! :) Geesh! ANyway, my boys are back on this week! Let's go for 10-0!!

Everyone have an excellent Friday!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Bella card and random stuff...

Well here is another Bella card that I made for a swap. I used my colored pencils and blender pens again to color her in. One of these days I will use something else. I want to get into the craze of Copic markers but I am afraid I wont be able to use them right and my coloring will look bad. So I havent ventured there yet. Cardstock is from DCWV and the pattern paper and smile sticker are both from a paper stack from DCWV.
Now, for those of you just interested in stamping stuff you can quit reading now. :) I have some people that now read my blog, well at least one person, she knows who is she, that isnt much into stamping and scrapbooking but they are interested in my mundane, random thoughts so the following is for them. But feel free to keep reading if you want. :) And from now on my blogs may just contain some of those random things. :)
So I live in a state that has a "No Child Left Behind" law. I would assume that most you that live in a state with that law or policy that you know and understand what it means. Haley, do you know what it means? I hope so or you wont get this random stuff. :) Well, I have a girlfriend who has 2 daughters. The youngest is now in Kindergarden this year. Before she went to school, my friend was concerned that she would get home safely on the bus. Well when she heard about this law, you wanna know what the first thing she thought of? She thinks to herself "Oh good, they will always make sure that "Sarah" gets home safely" because of the no child left behind. :) She thought it meant that they wouldnt leave her stranded at school. :) What a silly girl she is! Maybe you had to be there to hear her say this but my friends and I all got a huge kick out of this!! Well, that is my random, hopefully funny little thing for the day. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Let's Go Shoe Shopping....

Hi everyone....well its been a weel or so since I have posted. Just have found many spare minutes in the day. This is actually the first card that I have made in a week or so also. I made 3 tonight so I will have some for the next couple of days just in case I dont get a chance to make anymore.
This is one of the famous Bella's. I got this in an image swap so I apologize for not knowing her name!! I colored her in my watercolor pencils and blender pen. Cardstock is from DCWV and the pattern paper is from a paper stack I got at JoAnn's also from DCWV. I colored the boots black because I need some new black boots!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


How many are ready for this game? The Pats are 8-0 and the Colts are 7-0. I think its our own little Mini Super Bowl! It feels like its Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow!!!! I cant wait until 4:15 and kick off! Tom Brady is stomping on Peyton Manning! :)
I am from Indiana so obviously I will be the enemy at the party tomorrow night. But New England, if you're out there listening, YOU NEED TO WIN!! I want to be the one that says "HA!" to everyone!!