Thursday, October 22, 2009

New England and Tampa Bay in London

This week the Patriots get to play Tampa Bay at Wembley Stadium in London. The NFL has been doing this the last few years. Every year there is a game played over in London. Usually to a sell out crowd. Stayed tuned on Sunday to watch the Patriots kick butt in London!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New England and Tennessee

Hmmmmm, with a score of 59-0, do you think that the Titans even tried? They looked more like highschool kids out there playing. I think they checked out for their bye week before they even started playing. Look at all that snow they got to play in. Fun! But even with the Titans playing the way they did, we saw alot more of the Patriots team that we are used too. Brady was able to complete most of his passes and even set an NFL record with 5 touchdowns in one quarter. You go boy! I think they have probably got alot of grief for leaving Brady in so much of the game but ya know what I say to that? Its not their fault that they were there to play 60 minutes of football and the Titans didnt even want to play 60 seconds of football. On to next week and playing in London. :)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colts/Titans Game and Patriots/Broncos Game

This is a picture of my three friends and I at the beginning of the Colts/Titans game Sunday night. I know, I have a Colts jersey on, dont be shocked. I just wore it for the game. :) We had a super good time in Nashville. Lots of memories made on Saturday night partying on Broadway. Back at my favorite bar, Legends, it was a blast! I even talked a guy into giving me his Tennessee hoodie so I wouldnt have to buy one. :) But I ended up buying another one too. I can say by far this was the best trip I have been on! It was such a GOOD time with the girls! And just what I needed!
As for my Patriots, I cant say anything. Losing in overtime to the Broncos. Ridiculous! But with overtime, its the luck of who gets the ball because normally they win. I got to see about 30 seconds of the game when we got to LP Field, and it was the field goal that won the game for the Broncos that I got to see. Oh well, onto next week. I believe that play the Titans at New England so they should be able to win it but I guess you never know.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

This city has missed me...

2 days from now I will be in my favorite city in the US. Nashville, TN!!! I am so super duper excited and cant wait to finally be back here. My friends and I are going down for the Colts/Titans game on Sunday night. We are driving down on Saturday, partying like rock stars on Broadway Saturday night, sightseeing and stuff Sunday afternoon, and then going to the game Sunday night. Its going to be a rocking good time!