Monday, April 6, 2009

New Gym Shoes!!!!!!!

How stinking cute are these shoes????? Ami was in Florida last week and she called or actually texted me then I called her back cause she said they had Patriot gym shoes at the Reebok outlet store. I have looked around here for these but living in Colts country, its not easy to find Patriot apparel. She sent me a picture of them while she was there and I went and picked them up yesterday morning and absolutely fell in LOVE with them!!! They are the cutest shoes. Well at least to me. :) Check them out below. :)

On the side of the shoe you find the Patriots emblem. SO cute!

On the front of the shoe you find the word "Patriots". On the tongue the NFL logo. Then while out at my mom's yesterday I noticed that on the back of the shoe it has "AFC East" which is their division. The NFL logo is also on the bottom of the shoe. I just love them! Thanks Ami for picking them up for me!!



Keri said...

I wonder if Haley would wear SHOES if they had a MICHIGAN pair???

I'm not a sports fan...but I do think they're cute! :)

Angela said...

She said she was going to look at see if they had Michigan ones. :) We will get her in shoes one of these days!

haley said...

HEY, i wear shoes all the time. i'm in HEELS right now thank you very little! i wore shoes all winter as well! so ha! :) lol.

i looked though, no michigan shoes! :( sadness.

and AGAIN, i typed my word veri which is "flistes" and typed "flistes!". it's just such a habit to end what i'm typing with an "!". LOL!

Angela said...

I cant really talk Haley. As soon as it turned a little warm I was in flip flops. And havent gone back to regular shoes since. Well except Sunday when I couldnt help but wear my patriots shoes. Even today in this FREEZING weather I have flops on. :)