Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colts/Titans Game and Patriots/Broncos Game

This is a picture of my three friends and I at the beginning of the Colts/Titans game Sunday night. I know, I have a Colts jersey on, dont be shocked. I just wore it for the game. :) We had a super good time in Nashville. Lots of memories made on Saturday night partying on Broadway. Back at my favorite bar, Legends, it was a blast! I even talked a guy into giving me his Tennessee hoodie so I wouldnt have to buy one. :) But I ended up buying another one too. I can say by far this was the best trip I have been on! It was such a GOOD time with the girls! And just what I needed!
As for my Patriots, I cant say anything. Losing in overtime to the Broncos. Ridiculous! But with overtime, its the luck of who gets the ball because normally they win. I got to see about 30 seconds of the game when we got to LP Field, and it was the field goal that won the game for the Broncos that I got to see. Oh well, onto next week. I believe that play the Titans at New England so they should be able to win it but I guess you never know.


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