Friday, November 13, 2009

New England Patriots vs The Indianapolis Colts

OK, all you football fans. This week is a big week in the NFL. :) Well at least around these parts. :) When the Patriots and the Colts play its always a big one. The Colts are going into this game undefeated so far in their season. Hopefully after playing 60 minutes of Patriot football, they wont be able to say that anymore. Cant wait for Sunday night at 8:20pm!!! GO PATRIOTS, kick those pesky Colts right in their butts!!!! And knock that cockiness right out of all those Colts fans!


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haley said...

unfortunately i can't "like" this blog post, facebook style! but if i could, i would! GO PATRIOTS!!! i'll be watching and hoping the colts lose BIG TIME!!!