Thursday, January 17, 2008

Watch out for those deer!

Yeah, those deer arent too bright! And my car paid for their lack of smarts! The deer came out of no where and I couldnt do anything but slam on my brakes to avoid it because there was a car coming at me in the opposite direction so I couldnt swerve. You cant see all the damage in this picture because I took it last night in the dark. I will take better pictures today. You can see my grill is gone, its in the back seat. The passenger side headlight is completely busted and we just spent A LOT of money on replacing it. The deers head hit the side of my car and put a huge dent in it. And now the passenger side door doesnt open. The air bags didnt go off and we were able to drive away. Mechanically I think the car is fine but the body of the car wasnt so lucky. Scared the crap out of my daughter and I but we went onto the game we were going too. I think I did that to avoid showing the hubby for as long as possible! He LOVES this car and was way more upset than I was.


Lorie said...

Who cares about the will take care of that! How scary! I'm so glad you guys are okay!

Bev Breisinger (twofrogs84) said...

Angie babah,
I'm glad your both ok!
Your sistah,