Sunday, January 13, 2008

WHO WON??? Thats right!

Honestly, was there every any doubt? I was so happy that the bar that we went to had TV's. Its a piano bar and really couldnt remember if there were TV's there but YAY I got to watch the game! I dont think my sister liked it that I kept walking over to the TV's but hey, my boys were playing!!! I think its because I insisted on wearing my Maroney jersey. I know its wierd but in my silly little head, I think I will jinx them if I dont wear either my Brady or Maroney jersey during every game. :) I know, silly! WAY GO PATS!!! One more game to go to get to the Super Bowl! Let's all watch the Colts game tomorrow to see if we have to play the Colts again in the AFC championship! :)

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