Monday, February 18, 2008

Ami tagged me...

1. Stamping Style:Hmmm, I guess its fun and bright? Is that a style?
2. Inspiration: I love looking at SCS and also the gallery at PaperTreyInk. And then of course there are the blogs.
3. Color: I love working with browns, blues, pinks
. 4. Work Space: I have a large room in my basement that we finished for my space
.5. Perfect day: When everyone is gone and I have the house to myself!
.6. First Job: Kentucky Fried Chicken when I was 15. And to this day its my favorite job!! I loved everyone there!
.7. Wildest dream: To win the lottery?
8. Ink: Palette Hybrid!!!!! Cant say enough good things about this ink!
.9. Family: Husband John, Kids Chantelle 13 and Austin 9
10. Beverage: water and sprite
11. Biggest Challenge: Finding time for stamping!
And I tag? Danni at

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