Sunday, February 3, 2008

SuperBowl Sunday is here!!!!!

The big game is FINALLY here!!!! I cant wait for tonight to hopefully see the Patriots make their history of 19-0! I of course will be at a party with no other Pats fans! Feel sorry for me. :) If my one friend shows up, I will have her because she doesnt give 2 hoots about any of it and will always root for the opposite of everyone else! Gotta love her if she shows!! Please Tammy come to the party! GO PATRIOTS!!!


haley said...

sad :( stupid red shirt.

Patti said...

Hi Angela! What a bummer, huh! I'm with you in being disappointed that Moss and Brady dropped out of the Pro Bowl. I was looking forward to one more football game. Now ... not so much! :( There's always next year!! :)

Maria said...

So sorry to hear your team did not win, I was hoping they would finish the season a perfect. But it was a good game and there is always next year.