Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beat by Miami?? Could it be?

Yep it could be. Thats what happened to the Patriots on Sunday. They got handed there butts on a platter but a team that won ONE game last year. And ended the longest winning streak. I am glad it wasnt televised where I could watch it. I thought this picture was fitting. Matt Cassel fumbling the ball. The Pats have a Bye this week so hopefully they will come back in week 5 and do some damage.


JP said...

You know it had to happen, as soon as I started taking interest in a team they lose not only their first game but their 1/4 back.

We will see if my jinx follows on to the weekend after next.


Angela said...

oh no jp if you bring bad luck maybe you shouldnt pay attention. :) Just kidding. I hope they do better after a weekend off.

Ami said...

Sorry Charlie :)