Monday, September 8, 2008

REALLY Sad News!!!

From the Patriots:

"After extensive tests this morning, it was revealed that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's left knee, which was injured in the first quarter of yesterday's game, will require surgery. He will be placed on injured reserve and will miss the remainder of the 2008 season."

How awful is that? Well for any other team its probably not too bad of news. For us, its horrible. But we have to move on and get behind Matt Cassel and hope he does the job he has been waiting to do since being signed with the Patriots. And now for all you Colts fans out there, leave it be!! Some of you Colts fans are the biggest haters out there. You shouldnt wish this on anyone. I certainly wouldnt wish it on your precious Manning. Although I would like to see him get knocked around, I wouldnt want him out for the season. So, the news is out, yes I am sad, now lets move on!! Seriously. :) I am standing behind the Patriots and hoping for the best season possible. You never know, we might just surprise you a little.


Anonymous said...

Don't be stressed (from my limited knowledge of American football) I have noticed that they 30 blokes on a team and I am sure one of them can cover for him to s decent standard.. Have I got any idea what I am talking about? It is has no resemblance Australian Football. Is this helping?

take care


Angela said...

They do have lots of other playes on the team but only 1 back up quarterback. We will just have to see how he does. It will all be OK.

Ami said...

Sorrrrry Angie. I know how you feel I live with your twin children who think they are going to die now because their BRADY can't play. I guess they both took a lot of crap yesterday at school. I told them it will toughen them up.

JP said...

That's right Angela, one player does not make a team. I am sure they will make a come (with or without Tom Brady)and win the whole comp. by the end of the season.

Not that I know what i am talking bout but I have heard of Tom Brady once or twice here in Australia.