Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Mothers Day post

Every Mothers Day we take pics of everyone and their kids. This year was no different. I dont think anyone looks forward to Aunt Angie pulling out her camera and making the sit around and take pictures. My sisters even questioned me on why I was sitting them in the order I sat them in. Well this is how we sit every year. DUH! Cant mess with perfection!

From left to right starting at the back row: ME :), Christine (sister), Tonya (sister). Front row: My momma, Beck (sister), and Kim (sister in law)

My sister Tonya and my niece Brooke. Oh how she has grown! She is 17 now and it seems like just yesterday that she was a baby! She is a junior in high school and has her learning permit. Of course we all would like to keep her off the road for now. She isnt real good out there yet lol.

My sister Christine, my niece Mariah, and my nephew Jeremiah. Again these 2 have grown up so fast!! I still call my niec Riah butt. I think I will call her that on her wedding day lol. And Jeremiah is such a lover. He always wants to hug everyone! AND never will pose for pictures so this is one time of year that he doesnt cover his face!!

My sister Rebecca and her son Jace. What can I say about Jace. Hmmmm, he is definitely the handful of the bunch to put it nicely. I dont even know what else to say lol.

Me, my daughter Chantelle and my son Austin. Chantelle has grown up to be a beautiful young lady. She is now 16, will be 17 soon. She has grown to stand 6ft tall. Yes I have to look up at my own daughter lol. She will be taking her driving test on Friday to get her license. YIKES is all I can say about that. No really, she is a good driver. She even has her boat license. Yes she can drive a boat legally but not a car lol. Oh and Austin. 12 years ago that little man was born 14 weeks early weighing 2lbs 6ozs. He literally fit in the palm of your hand. It was by far the scariest time in my life. Not knowing whether your child was going to live through another day. But he is growing up so fast now. Before long they will both be adults! YIKES!

I hope everyone had a GREAT Mothers Day!


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