Friday, June 24, 2011

2008 New England vs San Francisco...Especially for Dee

Today in football we are going back to the 2008 season of the New England Patriots. A season that started off in the worst possible way. In the first game of regular season our beloved quarterback was injured and little did we know at the time but was going to be out for the season. Oh my...what we will do without Tom Brady? Into the game walks Matt Cassell. A QB that has never played a regular season game. Well there goes our season. Oh little did we know, how Matt would step up to the plate and have such an incredible season. Today I am featuring pictures from the game against San Francisco. Why you may ask am I bringing up a game from 2008? Well because I have this friend named Dee...I met him over at and he is a die hard for his 49ers! That poor chap! Let's get to the pictures, shall we?

In the above picture you see Randy Moss. Oh Randy. How we love to hate our Randy. Well not ours anymore, but in 2008 he was. Tom and Randy were in sync with each other. How would he do with Cassel? He did what Moss does. He rocked!

Oh and here we see the now beloved Matt Cassel. Who after this season went to be the starting QB for the Kansas City Chiefs. WTG Matt! You did us proud!

Oh here he is again. Dont you love him.

Oh I saved this picture for last. The one Dee will enjoy the most. His QB being sacked. Oh wait, you mean fans dont like to see their QB sacked? Whoops, sorry Dee.

FYI...NE won this game. :)

So there you have it. My favorite team and Dee's favorite team.

Much love to you my friend!


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Dee said... totally and utterly sweet..!! I have never ever blogged or been in a blog before, so i am very honoured! hehe, yeah we did lose that game big time, and we were at home too...but the Pats are a great team, I don't have nasty feelings to them , which I hold for the Packers, Rams, Cardinals,Seahawks,Cowboys,Raiders and the Giants!! P.S My kid brother is also a BIG Pats fan, he got a rise from the blog, too :-) He even changed the wallpaper on my mac to the Pats logo! Ha!

You do write beautifully...and I really enjoyed this blog and the wonderful sentiment behind it. I am so lucky to have a friend like you!!!