Friday, June 17, 2011

Almost 2 weeks into this....

So this is a blog about crafting, right? Well there is more to my little ol life than crafting so sometimes you may have to read about my struggles and truimphs of my new healthy lifestyle. And anything else I might want to throw in here. You know August is coming which means football season (hopefully we have one lol) and so you know I cant resist a post or 2 about the Patriots.

But today we will talk about weight loss. Fun subject, right? About a month of so ago my mom offered to fix my car for me but in exchange for that she said she had to put a lein on something valuable of mine. In my head I was thinking "girl, you must be joking, because I have nothing of value". Oh little did I know! She said she would like to put a lein on my kidney. I was like "huh"? She told me that within a year or so she will need a kidney transplant. Including me, there are 6 of us kids. She said out of all of us, I was the only candidate. I have always said that I would give a kidney to my mom if she needed me too but I wanted to be the last on the list because I am deathly terrified of going under. Its a real fear of mine. I guess I will have to get over that fear. of course in order to even be a candidate for this, I cant be the size that I am. I have to lose weight. Two weeks ago, I finally thought that I better get serious. Last week at my "weigh in", which means my bathroom scale in front of no one, I dropped 5lbs. No biggie, probably water weight, the same ol same ol that most people see on week 1. A good drop in the lbs! This week has been completely different! The scale wasnt moving at all and I was doing everything right. Absolutely no cutting corners or cheating. Well until last night, when I decided I was going to eat that little piece of cake because the scale wasnt moving anyway, so I might as well. This morning the scale was the same as it was last Friday. Talk about frustrating!! I cant even describe the frustration. But I am going to chalk this up to water retention due to that "time" coming and keep moving forward and hope for better results next week.

I took some before pictures last week. Can you say O.M.G! Those were awful! And ones that I hope to never have to take again. And before anyway can ask, I wont be posting those until I have some progress to show lol. So stay tuned for those.

Tonight and this weekend is a challenge. Its Hoagland Days and we all know some of that carnival food is just the best. I have been talking to myself all day saying that none of that food will taste as good as being thin feels. And I will continue to tell myself that all night at the fair. Maybe I will put a sign around my neck that says "do not let me buy an elephant ear".

So until next week and the next weigh in....I will sign off on this post.

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