Monday, December 31, 2007

16-0...on their way to 19-0...

So they are on their way to 19-0!!! And that Giants game was not an easy one for them! They really need to quit being a 4th quarter team. Dont they know that I am sitting at my friends house while she is cheering the Giants on because she doesnt care who beats them, she just wants someone too? I do have to say that after watching most of the other games yesterday, this game was by far the best one. And not because I like the Patriots. Its because both teams played their best. What was up with Indy and the Steelers yesterday? The Colts pretty much handed the Titans the game! It was not fun to watch. The Browns should be going to the playoffs! But they arent because the Colts handed the game to the Titans.

Rest up Pats, you have some tough games ahead of you, but you can go all the way!

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Bev Breisinger (twofrogs84) said...

Ok, you just jinxed them!! HA, HA, HA!! Ya, I know the Steelers really weren't trying yesterday and most 2nd stringers played. They are already in the playoffs so we will go from there.