Sunday, December 2, 2007

You have to settle for this....

So my camera keeps messing up on me so I am just going to share the picture of my new nose ring. I have a card to share and will do that if my camera will corporate with me tonight. My friend and I went and got our noses pierced the day after Thanksgiving. We were a little scared that it would hurt but it really didnt. I was relieved!! :) So right now I have the "stud" in there and in a few more weeks I can change it. I bought some extra small nose rings this weekend that just lay flat on my nose so it will just look like a little sparkle resting on my nose. The one in the right now isnt big at all and looks cute but I cant wait to change it to a smaller one. And before anyone asks, no, nothing gets caught on it in there. There isnt a back on it. The post is curved so it just lays against my nose. :)

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JP said...

Hi Angela,

went to do a google search for a friend and some how you came up... Must be a sign.

so here is a message from Australia.


Could not waste an opportunity to say something to someone from otherside of the world.