Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sorry Ami....I had to post this....

I really am sorry to be posting him AGAIN Ami but I have too! They won again! I still need to go read up on the highlights since it wasnt aired here but I know they won. :) So that is now 14-0! Rock on Patriots!! And after playoffs or the Super Bowl I wont post anymore until next season about football. :)
I went to the mall this afternoon with some girlfriends since my game wasnt aired and I chose to wore my Laurence Maroney jersey. I am telling you, people just dont like the Patriots around here. I got lots of funny comments from strangers. And my only response to them was "Dont hate them because they beat you." :)

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Ami said...

You are in the middle of COLTS Land and you wonder why people give you funny looks? Geeze woman :)