Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New England vs The Jets...

Sorry you crafty ladies, you just have to deal with the New England updates too. Some like to see them. :) Well at least one. :) So last Thursday the Patriots played The Jets. They were both fighting for first place in their division. New England in my opinion played a very good game. They came back from a big deficit to tie the game and go into overtime. Unfortunately the Jets won the coin toss and were able to kick a field goal first. So they wont 34-31. I hate sudden death overtime! They should get to play the whole 15 minutes! So that puts The Jets into first place in the AFC East and The Patriots in 2nd. But there is still time for them to take over that position. Lets hope that the jets lose this week and New England wins to put it back into a tie. :)


Anonymous said...

Boo Hiss to football updates! Boo Hiss! We want only stamping updates! :-)

JP said...

Hang on, leave the lady alone.. Man can not live by stamping alone.

Don't stress Ange, since you got me on to these new England boys their season has not been going too well. They loose in O/T and their star quarterback goes down for the season. I think I will stop following thier progress and they might make the play-offs. I even bought the ESPN channel so I can watch these guys how sick is that.

ps Going to see one of your people in concert Friday night and I am looking orward to as I have not seen him play in Aus for many years. John Mellencamp, he is from indianna right?

cheers and take care.

Angela said...

Jp, dont worry you arent bringing them bad luck!!

John Mellencamp is from Indiana. Have fun at the concert!