Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thank You Ami...And back to school stuff...

Thank you to my very good friend Ami for the beautiful RAK that she sent me. She's trying to cheer me up from being laid off. I have been a bit irritable since last Tuesday so this definitely brightened my day. And I think I am getting my mojo back for stamping. I actually want to go down to my room and make something so that's good.
Is August an expensive month for anyone else? I cant believe the money that I have had to spend in the last couple of days getting my 2 kids ready to go to school. Between physicals, glasses, school supplies, school clothes, pictures, sports passes, yearbooks, I think I am going broke. :) Glad this is only 1 time a year!


Katie said...

Cute card...I like the brads on the bottom like that.

It is an expensive time. FOrtunatly we have been to the dentist already, had Ins. for the phsyicals and got enough hand me downs for school. I love that. And I try to buy a good pair of jeans each month, that way it's not soo much at one time!! Good luck!!


Angela said...

Katie, that isnt a bad idea!! I should think ahead so I dont have to buy the clothes all at once!