Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Bella card and random stuff...

Well here is another Bella card that I made for a swap. I used my colored pencils and blender pens again to color her in. One of these days I will use something else. I want to get into the craze of Copic markers but I am afraid I wont be able to use them right and my coloring will look bad. So I havent ventured there yet. Cardstock is from DCWV and the pattern paper and smile sticker are both from a paper stack from DCWV.
Now, for those of you just interested in stamping stuff you can quit reading now. :) I have some people that now read my blog, well at least one person, she knows who is she, that isnt much into stamping and scrapbooking but they are interested in my mundane, random thoughts so the following is for them. But feel free to keep reading if you want. :) And from now on my blogs may just contain some of those random things. :)
So I live in a state that has a "No Child Left Behind" law. I would assume that most you that live in a state with that law or policy that you know and understand what it means. Haley, do you know what it means? I hope so or you wont get this random stuff. :) Well, I have a girlfriend who has 2 daughters. The youngest is now in Kindergarden this year. Before she went to school, my friend was concerned that she would get home safely on the bus. Well when she heard about this law, you wanna know what the first thing she thought of? She thinks to herself "Oh good, they will always make sure that "Sarah" gets home safely" because of the no child left behind. :) She thought it meant that they wouldnt leave her stranded at school. :) What a silly girl she is! Maybe you had to be there to hear her say this but my friends and I all got a huge kick out of this!! Well, that is my random, hopefully funny little thing for the day. :)

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