Friday, November 16, 2007

I cant believe I forgot.....

to post about my boys beating the Colts!!! And let me just tell you that I was not the favorite person at the party I was at!! I have found that Colts fan around here are pretty confident in their team and pretty cocky. Well I decided not to be cocky that day and sat through most of the game without yelling "in your face" too many times. Especially since my boy got sacked in his opening drive. Not a good way to start the game. And then there werent a whole lot of things to get excited about until the 4th. And when the Pats came back in the 4th and Peyton got that last sack and turned over the ball to us, I couldnt help but be a little excited. And with 33 seconds left on the clock, I proudly stood up and said "in your face" to every person there! YAY! Now they just need to do that in the playoffs and I will be one very happy person! For the last 2 weeks, everytime I have something Patriots on, I get nasty comments from total strangers. Now we dont have cocky Colts fans around here, we have VERY bitter ones. And I would just like to say to all of them, GET OVER IT! :) Geesh! ANyway, my boys are back on this week! Let's go for 10-0!!

Everyone have an excellent Friday!!

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