Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jumbo Clip Photo Holder

Good Morning everyone. Is everyone having a great week? I sure hope so!! My mouth pain is slowly going away. Every day I feel better! Thank the Lord! I hate any kind of mouth pain. I made this photo holder using one of those jumbo paper clip things you use in an office to hold a bunch of papers together. I am sure it has a proper name but I am just calling it a big paper clip thing. :) I just used my double sided tape to adhere a piece of about 2 x 3 strip of scrap paper to the bottom of the clip. I then tied pink and brown ribbon around the metal part. I matted a picture on brown cardstock and added a couple of flowers and rhinestones and I was done. Project took maybe 10 minutes to do. I think I will put this on my desk at work. The picture is of myself, my mom, my grandma, and then Chantelle and Austin. It was taken at least 3 years ago at my Grandmas on Mothers Day. Chantelle absolutely hates this picture because she has changed SO much over the last few years. She has shot up to 5'10 and and has really thinned out. Really sucks to have your 14yr old stand taller than you! Hope everyone has a great hump day!

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