Monday, December 15, 2008

New Endland vs Oakland

Sunday The Patriots played the Oakland Raiders. And we won! 49-26 I believe was the final score. YAY! Of course The Jets and Miami also won! So all three are still 9-5. And we are still in the hunt for the playoffs. I believe the Jets are leading the division right now and I really dont know that we will make the playoffs. Course that is my uneducated opinion. :) Even if we dont make the playoffs, they still did very well this year without Brady. I never thought they would make it to 9-5. Cassel hasnt done to bad for them!


JP said...

Don't give up yet, could still be a chance for a play-off spot..

How many more game until the end of the reg season?

Angela said...

2 more games in regular season. I dont think it looks so hot for them right now.