Sunday, December 28, 2008

New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

This could very well be my last football post of the season. I know that upsets alot of you, lol!! Today the Patriots play the Bills and they MUST win the game!!!!!!!!!!! On the other hand Miami has to lose! If Miami loses and we win we will win the AFC East and go to the playoffs. If the reverse happens, then Miami will win and go to the playoffs. Or if we both win, Miami gets it. And if that happens, it will make the Patriots only the 2nd team to have an 11-5 season and not make the playoffs since the NFL has gone to a 16 game season. That will make me sad. So even if you hate football, be a sport and root for the Pats today! :)

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JP said...

1/2 time 14 - 9 Dolphins are up.. Still an 1/2 of football to play, don't give up yet guys..

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