Thursday, December 4, 2008

What a disappointment!

The Patriots lost it big time to the Steelers on Sunday! I think it was because I wasnt at home watching it. :) Yeah right. And of course the Jets would lose also. We needed to win that game to at least tie us again with them. But there are 4 games left so we might still be able to do it. If not, we may just not be going to the playoffs. Its ok though, they have done well this year without there star quarterback.

As the for the Colts/Browns game that I went too? We were hoping for more excitement. It was actually a pretty boring game. I will have pictures soon to share. Just one of the 4 us at the game.

And hey everyone that doesnt like football posts? As soon as the Pats are done for the year, there wont be anymore. :)

Also, my computer is broke at home so my posting may be few and far in between. Just an FYI. :)

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