Sunday, December 7, 2008

New England vs Seattle

Today's game was a nail biter. The Patriots came from behind to win against Seattle. That I believe puts them in a 3 way tie for the AFC East Division. Along with the Pats, there are the Jets and Miami. All are 8-5 I believe. The Jets definitely need to keep losing games so that the Pats have a chance for the playoffs. I dont remember a time recently that the Pats didnt go to the playoffs. So keep your fingers crossed!

I have my computer working again. I promise to have crafty stuff soon. At least by Tuesday with Template Tuesday. I missed last week because of alot of dental work I had done. I'm still in quite a bit of pain and I am hoping that goes away soon. I have never had to refill a pain medicine prescription but I had too this time. So cross your fingers again that the pain goes away soon! I hate it!


JP said...

Great game by Matt Cassel 26/44 268 yds 1 TD..

What happens now if all three teams end up on the same amount of wins?

Who goes through to the payoffs?

Angela said...

I really dont know how that works. Its very doubtful that all 3 will end up with the same record by the end. We just have to wait and see.