Sunday, December 21, 2008

New England vs Arizona

The Patriots won today!! YAY!! And it was aired around here so I got to watch it. I was super happy! I dont know why I cant ever remember the final score but it was something like 47-7. It was a crazy score. I believe we can thank the snow in MA for alot of the win. Arizona just isnt used to playing in the snow and New England is. So now for us to win the AFC East and get in the playoffs we need to win next week and we need for The Jets and also Miami to lose a game. Miami already won today so they MUST lose next week!!! The Jets are still playing but are down at the half. Only down by 4 so its not much. So I am rooting for Seatle right now to win! If they lose, they just need Miami to lose next week and us to win for us to get the division. So, thats the update on the patriots. :)
We lost power again this morning for about 5 hours. My kids again DO NOT do well without power. I was content sitting on the floor making my blankets but you would have thought we had been without power for DAYS instead of hours. :) But we got it back on and the cable is back so life is good. :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


JP said...

It is 10-4 and the Jets are down in Q4. If the score stands given the better scoring percentage NE have over the rest of the east (except the Jets), a win next week should get us through to the play-offs, exciting stuff.

Merry Christmas to Angela and all her card and scrapbook friends and families...

Angela said...

Thanks JP! If all this ice and stuff goes away and everyone gets there power back then Christmas should be great! :)

I now need Miami to lose next week and NE to win! Miami plays The Jets so it should be interesting. As long as they lose! Then NE will be the division champs!

JP said...

Amazing with the ice and snow, it is 34 degrees (I think around 95 in f) and strong summer north desert wind.. We in Australia only see snow in the movies at Christmas time.

I got a good feeling about making the play-offs - don't know how well they will do once they get there though..


Ami said...

Who are you kidding? I don't do well without power let alone the kids. LOL. :)