Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The BEST coaches in the world!

Last night we had my daughter Chantelle's basketball banquet. It was a bitter sweet evening because this is her last year with these 2 coaches. These 2 ladies have been apart of her life for many years as one of them was her 5th grade teacher. I love these ladies! By far Chantelle's BEST coaches she has had since she has been playing organized sports. That isnt a whole lot but still. :) They are supportive, caring, thoughtful, encouraging, tough when they need to be, knowledgeable, and they love these girls. You can tell that by the way they coach and the heart that they put into it. For those that dont have kids or your kids have never played sports, or you yourself have never played sports, you really cant understand the impact that a great coach can have on your childs life. If you were to watch these coaches during a game you would understand everything that I am saying about them. I will always remember during the first game of the ACAC tournament this year when we were playing the Bluffton Tigers. It was a GREAT game and a very close game. Towards the end we were still trailing and I believe it was the moment that we took the lead or took a 3 or 4 point lead and Coach Fuelling was on her knees and smacking the floor. Honestly I thought she was going to kiss it. :) And when they won that game the excitment and joy on the coaches faces along with the girls was just the best. Chantelle has grown so much and learned so much the last 2 years from these ladies that I cant even express my gratitude enough. I made the picture frame below for each of the coaches and gave them to them tonight. I hope that I was able to express my thanks enough to them and they know how much they are appreciated by me and Chantelle. I will miss them alot but I know that if Chantelle ever needs anything all she has to do is call on these ladies and they will do whatever they can to help her. So thank you Coach Keane and Coach Fuelling for being the ladies and coaches that you are.

And pictured below are the coaches. Coach Keane is to the left of Chantelle in the red jacket and Coach Fuelling is on the right in the brown. If you cant tell, they are twins. :) And also pictured is the assistant coach. Please forgive me that I can never remember her name!! I am sorry!

OK, so this post turned into a very long one, lol! Sorry about that. But I wanted to really say how much these ladies mean to us. Words just cant do it!! Thank you again coaches!