Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No mojo!

Hi everyone! I know its supposed to be Template Tuesday today but I am going to disappoint you. :) I have been so busy between work and home that I havent even been down to my stamp room since Friday. I know bad me! I did try and go down last night to make my template tuesday card and the mojo just wasnt there! So I dont have a card today and I might just take the rest of the week off from blogging. Hopefully this weekend I can get my mojo back and be able to share next week!

On a positive note, my daughter made the spring basketball league so we will get to do more basketball until the end of April. Also sometime in the next 2 weeks conditioning starts for her high school soccer. My schedule is gonna be nutso!

Have a good day!



Ami said...

Hang in there. I am right with ya sister :)

Maria said...

I understand complete, take your time and you will be cranking the cards out in no time.

haley said...

UHHHHH HELLLLOOOOOO? could you be any more of a blogger slacker?!?!?! GEEZ!