Thursday, October 9, 2008

Holiday Blessings

I was reading Leslie's Running with Scissors blogs earlier and she was sharing some new holiday sets from Flourishes. On her blog were links to the other Flourishes designers and I was reading Barb's. Sorry I dont have the links. She made this gorgeous card using some of the stamp sets and I am really considering ordering them. But I thought I would work with what I had at home first. So I pulled out a couple of my TAC sets and also a PaperTrey set and this is what I came up with. Its pretty close to what Barb had on her blog. I am not happy with the reindeer. Its almost too "kiddish" for the look I was trying to achieve. But other than that I am happy with how it came out. You cant see it very well in the picture but I used stickles in each of the corners. I think I am going to order the set from Flourishes so that I can have the reindeer I want.

Well its about bedtime. I know, only 9:20pm but I had volleyball tonight and I am always tired after that. And my ankle is really bothering me, along with my thumb. The ball hit me just right tonight and my thumb is feeling the effect. As for my ankle I think I fell wrong on it on one of the digs. Oh well, the pains that go along with volleyball. :) Its about over for the season. :( Have a good night everyone!!


Danni said...

This is nice. I think the reindeer is fine, not too juvenile at all. I'm happy to see you creating and posting!

Ami said...

I like the card!!!!!