Sunday, October 19, 2008

Patriots Hoodie Card

So Ami, her husband Jason, and I went to the stamp convention yesterday here in town. Boy has it gotten SMALLER in the past years. I remember the first year that I went to it, it was HUGE. Its got to be a quarter of the size it used to be. Its sad. But we both managed to still spend money. Her more than me. :) There was a company there called Too Much Fun. They have really fun stamps. They have alot of these shirt type stamps. Apparently Ami has owned this stamp for awhile and I didnt know it! So I bought a T shirt image so we could have 2 different styles. I went over to her house after the comvention and stamped a few off so I could play. Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE hoodies. It doesnt matter much what is on them, I love them all and own a bazillion of them. Of course I had to turn this one into a football hoodie since we are in that season and who else would I put on it besides the Patriots? I dont like my writing being on it. Thats about the only thing I dont like. But I didnt have any stickers or a small enough alpha stamp set that would work so I had to write it on there. Hope everyone had a great weekend!! Stay tuned tomorrow for my first Template Tuesday post. Its a new thing you will be seeing every Tuesday here on my blog. There will also be links to other girls blogs using the same sketch. So you will see 4 ideas on one sketch. It will be fun!!


JP said...

But did they win on the weekend?

Angela said...

They play tonight. They didnt play on Sunday.