Monday, October 13, 2008

New England Patriots vs San Diego Chargers

What the heck was wrong with the Patriots last night? Or maybe it was that the Chargers were finally really on their game. I just know that Matt Cassel is NO Tom Brady! Cassel really needs to get more comfortable throwing those deep passes to his receivers out there. Moss can catch them if Cassel can get them to him! And I dont believe I have ever really seen a quarterback run for so many first downs! And can you tell me what happened when it was 1st and goal from the 1 YARD line and they could not score a touchdown in 4 attempts? Give me a break!! These boys need to get their game on!!


JP said...

Hi Me agin,

can they still make the play-offs? (getting a hang of this)..

We did not get that game on TV over here we usualy get one a weekend and I have only started following it this season.

These are some questions I put in last week if someone could answer them it would be most helpful.

"I have heard of them..

Two questions:-

-Arn't there divisions in American Football, hence should they not be playing other East Coast Teams?

- Where you live is a bit of a hike from Boston, has not Indianna got a team in the NFL?

hey i am from the otehr side of the world, give me a break before you laugh


cheers all

Angela said...

Hey JP,

There are divisions in the NFL. The Patriots are part of the AFC East division. But they play teams from all the divisions. The Chargers are a part of the AFC division, just not the East one.

Indiana does have a NFL team, I am just not a fan. I have been a fan of the Patriots for quite a few years. I dont dislike the Colts (Indiana's team) but I just like the Patriots more.

And yes the Patriots still have a chance at the playoffs. The playsoffs arent until January or so. We are still in there right now.

Hope that answers your questions.

Ami said...

JP - you couldn't have picked a better person to explain it. I always have questions too! :)