Monday, October 20, 2008

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos

Are you ready for Monday Night Football??!! I know that the answer from most of you is probably no but I am ready for it! Tonight the Patriots play the Denver Broncos. I think this is anyones game so hopefully the Patriots can pull it off. You know I will be back tomorrow with an update. :) Like it or not. :)


JP said...

I think this game is going to be shown tonight (aus time) replay.. It is on live now (I think) but I am at work and hence have no cabel TV so I will watch it tonight and come back with some hard hiiting questions tomorrow..


JP said...

47 to nearly nothing!!!!! WOW I think that is a big win and I am starting to get the hang of this game!!!!!

Angela said...

Yes it was a VERY good game!! I have not seen them play like that in awhile! They did awesome! Even with Matt Cassel getting sacked 5 or 6 times.