Monday, October 6, 2008

Sunday's Game 3-1

What would Monday be without a football post? I can not bring myself to disappoint Ami and not post. New England beat San Fransico on Sunday!! YAY!! Now they are 3-1. Not doing too shabby without their star! :) On to next week against the San Deigo Chargers. We play Sunday night football! Thas exciting!


Ami said...


JP said...

who are they playing Sunday?

Angela said...

I knew you would love it Ami!!

Jp, they are playing the San Diego Chargers this week.

JP said...

I have heard of them..

Two questions:-

-Arn't there divisions in American Football, hence should they not be playing other East Coast Teams?

- Where you live is a bit of a hike from Boston, has not Indianna got a team in the NFL?

hey i am from the otehr side of the world, give me a break before you laugh