Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I got tagged.....

Ami over at tagged me and said that I had to play along! Geez!

The rules:
1. You have to list your tagger

2. List 7 things about you. Some random, some wierd.

3. Tag 7 other bloggers.

OK so the random facts about me:

1. I love to play volleyball!! From April to October you will find me on the court every thursday night.

2. I am a smart ass. Oops I cussed. :)

3. I love to pull pranks on my co workers. The best is bringing in wierd bugs from outside and putting them on my co workers desk. She screams every time! Fun times!

4. I can be a scatter brain. :) Always have to have a to do list or reminders on my phone because if you tell me to do something and call me back in an hour, I will have forgotten. Really, its bad.

5. Some know this but I have to touch all the light switches in my home before leaving. Also have to make sure the coffee pot is unplugged and the cord set on the 2nd canister on the counter. I am scared of fires and this makes me feel better. And yes I have to actually touch the light switches even though I can SEE the light is off.

6. I have a thing about 40ft boats. I want one really bad. HA! :) Hi Jason!

7. Hmmm, my favorite resturant is Bandido's. :) Love Mexican food!

And no I am not tagging 7 more people. :) I am just listing the facts about me for Ami to keep her happy. If Ami isnt happy no one is. :) Love ya girly.


Danni said...

Well, at least she's getting you posting!!
I like number 2--it made me giggle!

Ami said...

Ok so Jason only want a 40 ft boat cuz you think Tom Brady will spend the weekend on it with you LOLLLLL. Personally I cracked up over all of them. I know you and your pranks :) xoxoxo