Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More TAC Sets for Sale

Here are more TAC sets that I am selling. More still to come....

T-2002 Make A Wish $15.00 never cut or used

T-2375 Little Inspirations $15.00 never cut or used

T-2027 Ship Collage $3.00

T-2318 Kallioppe $8.00

T-2273 Everything Nice $8.00

T-2584 Something For You $5.00

T-2566 Tip Toe $12.00

T-253 Hello Seasons $15.00

T-2120 Believe $15.00 not cut out or used

T-1057 Shoe La La $12.00

T-2350 Bitty Bugs $12.00..one stamp cut out and used

T-2282 Label Words $15.00 not cut out or used

T-2339 Friendships Flowers $15.00 one cut out and used

T-2089 Lighthouses $8.00

T-1253 Christmas Fun $15.00

T-2166 Piggly Wiggly $5.00

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