Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy Fall...Card Candy Card to Carole

Good Morning everyone. Well hopefully its a good morning. It certainly wasnt a great night. Ever deal with a 14yr old that thinks she is going on 20? Well thats what I did last night. I wanted to definitely wring her neck last night!! SO tired of 14 yr old "I know everything, you know nothing" attitude! Anyway, this is the card that I made for Carold using the card candy that Deb sent me. I didnt use all the pieces. I was selfish and kept those for myself to make another card. :) I wasnt generous like Ami and made 2 things. :) She has received it so I can post it. I love the fall so Deb's card candy was great to work with. Have a good day everyone!!


Danni said...

That's pretty! I like the leaf on it!

Ami said...

I love the leaves. What is Chantelle up to now???? LOL.