Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What a Game!

WHAT A GAME!!! Thats all I can say!! I rarely can stay up for the whole game on a Monday night but I definitely could not go to sleep. The Patriots beat the Broncos!! Not just beat them, they stomped on them! Of course the Broncos helped them quite a bit by turning the ball over at least 5 times and had plenty of stupid penalties. And Matt Cassel got sacked a good 5 times. But he still played well. So did the whole offense and the defense! They kicked butt last night! And by winning that they were able to stay only one game behind the Buffalo Bills in the AFC East Division. Go Pats!


JP said...

yep big win..

still suprises me how an hour game can go for three hours +

Like the guy dressed as a Viking

Angela said...

Yes 60 minute takes 3 + hours. Its because of all the time outs, and all the times they stop the clock and such. And the guys were dressed as Patriots not Vikings. :)