Sunday, October 26, 2008

TAC Stamp Sets For Sale

Hello everyone. I am going to be selling all my TAC stamp sets. Why you ask? Because I want to buy other stamps. I just dont use these wonderful images very much and I think they will be happier in another home where they will be used. All prices are discounted from the retail cost. Most are cut out and mounted on EZ Foam. The majority are not used. But those that are, they are in mint condition and stamp excellent. I accept Paypal and money orders from those in the US and paypal only from those in Canada and other International places. If you have any questions just let me know. I will be listing ALOT more sets in the coming days so pay attention to this post as I will be adding them here. Prices do not include shipping. I will charge actual shipping charges.

T-2538 So Glam $8.00 never used

T-195 Sentiments $15.00 just a couple used

T-453 Words of Wisdom $10.00 just a couple used

T-1198 Valentine Mice $8.00 one stamp used

T-497 The Right Shoes $8.00 never used

T-2221 Sweet Sayings $15.00 just a couple used

T-280 Stitched Sampler $14.00 a couple used

T-2118 Spring Flowers $12.00 a couple used

T-900 Soaring to New Heights $8.00 a couple used

T-1232 Rub a Dub Dub $15.00 a couple used

T-1213 Relax Gorgeous $8.00 never used

T-1216 Rocket Full of Fun $8.00 never used

T-2715 Partridge Hostess Set $7.00 one stamp used

T-2019 Merry Fun $15.00 never used

T-2179 Long Stems $15.00 one stamp used

T-1246 Java Nice Day $8 never used

T-897 Grand Medallions $12.00

T-1200 Eclectic Wagon $9.00 Never Used

T-1202 Easter $5.00 a couple stamps used

T-867 Christmas Candle $4.00

T-Blooming Builders $12.00 Never used..not cut apart

T-727 A Girl Thing $8.00 never used


Danni said...

ACK! Now how will I tease you about using TAC? LOL!!I'll email you........

Danisha said...

I would be interested in a couple of these and looking at anything else you wanted to get rid off. I am new to stamping, and buy from people who are weeding out their collection is a nice way to add to mine.