Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Template Tuesday

Welcome to Template Tuesday! This is the first installment of this and I am excited about it. :) Every Tuesday I will be posting a sketch and a card to go along with the sketch. Above is the sketch for this week and below you will find the card that I made using this sketch. At some point today Melinda, Maria, and Ami will also be posting a card made using this sketch so you can get 4 ideas for this one sketch. So make sure you check out their blogs to see what they came up with. This was a fun and simple sketch to use. If you decide to make a card using this please post a comment with a link so I can check it out. :) Hope you all enjoy this new Template Tuesday and are inspired by the sketches and ideas.

Today I am off to the dentist again to get the rest of my tooth cut out. Not looking forward to it at all but I gotta do what I gotta do to get this fixed. Wish me luck!


Ami said...

I love your card! It's very pretty. Mine is posted too.

Danni said...

Is that a TAC stamp I spy?? LOL! You know I have to tease you.
What a fun thing to start. I'll try to get a card done using this sketch!

Angela said...

That is a TAC stamp. Your eye is good Danni!

Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous card! I love the template idea! I saw your blog on 2Peas this morning. =)

Good luck with your tooth. Yucky!