Thursday, January 29, 2009

A little note card

Hi everyone. Ever need a little card just to jot a quick note to a friend? Well I think this card is perfect one to send. It doesnt have any sentiments on it so you can use it for any occassion. A pretty simple card that went together quickly. Gotta love that!
Supplies: PTI and SU Cardstock, TAC stamps, SU True Thyme ink (i think thats what its called) , Basic Grey pattern paper
Yesterday was a snow day for the kids so the basketball game was postponed to tonight. So keep your fingers crossed that they win and I will update you tomorrow on it.
Have a great day everyone!



Anonymous said...

I've always loved that TAC set! Your card is great!

JP said...

it's 113 degrees F on the old scale for the fourth day in a row in Melbourne..Plus the A/C is busted in my office and we have having power overloads because everybody is using their cooling..

Can you please please send me over some snow? PLEASE!!!!

Angela said...

JP, I would be happy to give you ALL the snow! I know where you are coming from with no A/C. At least once every summer the A/C goes out in my office and I work in a part of the building that is completely enclosed upstairs with no windows so it becomes stifling up there!!

Anonymous said...

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