Friday, January 2, 2009

Scrapbook Frames of the kids..

Good Friday morning to everyone! I hope everyone had fun bringing in the new year! As for me? I had the house to myself for the night. But do you think I could enjoy it? NO! My back decided yesterday morning it felt like acting up so I drugged myself up last night and laid in bed all night in pain! Great times! :) But I made it through and it feels better today!

These are the 2 frames that I made for the kids to give their dad for Christmas. I left room on the one side of the picture for them to write a note to him. Obviously my daughter had more to say. :) I had to coax my son along and I really told him what to say and he just wrote it. But their dad doesnt need to know that. :) He loved them and the kids were excited to give them to him.

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