Sunday, January 25, 2009

Marriage Advice from Burt Reynolds

While browsing the Rubbernecker website I came across this sentiment stamp and just thought it was funny so I had to get it. I then purchased the dryer to go along with the sentiment. I think in most cases its kind of a true statement. You just dont see too many men standing in from the washer/dryer doing their laundry. Unless of course they are single. I do believe that once while I was at Ami's I saw her husband Jason dong laundry so there is hope out there! :)
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Last night after we went to dinner, my friend and I went back to her house and watched Tuesdays episode of The Biggest Loser. Is anyone watching this season? If you are, do you like or dislike Joelle? I just cant stand that woman!!! I really wish her partner Carla was the one that stayed on the ranch! Joelle has no motivation whatsoever and I really dont think she wants to be there. In that episode when they went home to Detriot, Carla said she was done to 335lbs from 379! That is 44lbs and Joelle has lost a whopping like 21 lbs. I just dont like tha gal. :)
Supplies used: DCWV cardstock, Pallette Noir and Charcoal ink, prima flowers, misc brads, and stamps from Rubbernecker.


Anonymous said...

Cute card! I have to say my DH does laundry.

Ami said...

OMG must you keep giving him a big head??? LOL. Yes he does laundry. SIGH. :)
PS - the card is freaking cute.

Anonymous said...

You know what? I bet John would do more laundry if he had a 40 foot boat sitting outside the house.....