Sunday, January 18, 2009

OK, one more little tiny football post.

OK, just one more little bitty tiny football post. As everyone knows the patriots didnt even make it to the playoffs. So they had no chance at the Super Bowl. Well when that happens you snag onto another team to root for. So my next 2 picks were San Diego and then Arizona. Why those 2? Well because San Diego knocked Indy out of the playoffs. Whoever does that is instantly my new favorite team. And then Arizona because, well, sad to admit but its because this man is so gorgeous! LOL! Just like a woman! And Arizona hasnt gone this far in 61 years! They are headed to the Tampa and the Super Bowl! So I will be rooting for these guys no matter who makes it from the AFC. I prefer to stick with the AFC but hello, can we say hottie! :) And who wants to root for Pittsburgh or Baltimore from the AFC. So, in 2 weeks, this is the team I want to win it all! :) So yeah there might be ONE more post for the big game. :)


JP said...

am i getting the wrong impression that you have a thing for loaded 1/4 backs or is it just coincidence?

Angela said...

I do have a thing for quarterbacks. And for cowboys. :)

JP said...

I will think of you next time I go horse riding