Monday, January 26, 2009

Week One Weigh In and a card to share

So today is my week one weigh in. I am SUPER happy with the results. I started this last Monday and worked hard all week to achieve results today. I exercised every day like I wanted too and ate the right things all week. I did have a "cheat" day Saturday. I believe in those even those others may not. If I deprive myself of the "bad" things I love, I will eventually blow the whole thing. So I allowed myself to eat what I wanted on Saturday. I probably went a little overboard and probably wont do that again. I think I will just allow myself a "cheat" meal on Saturday evening. No reason I need to cheat every meal on that day. I hope my friend Haley has a sucessful weigh in today also!

OK, on to the card. I made this card awhile ago but for whatever reason every time I tried to load it, the computer thought I already had. It finally let me load it yesterday. I loved this coat image as soon as I saw it and just had to have it! I colored it in with my copic markers and added fun flock to the fur trim on the coat. I think the coat is "totally bitchin" so they saying went along with it.

Supplies: PTI cardstock, Basic Grey pattern paper, Copic markers, image from Rubbernecker, saying stamp from My Favorite Things, PTI Ink


Melinda said...

congrats on the awesome weight loss! I think I need to join you!!

Kimmie0270 said...

Congrats on an AWESOME weight in this week! That's fabulous! Keep up the great work and remember to stop by my blog every friday to update me in my Diamond in the Rough Challenge.

Danni said...

Congrats on the great weigh in!!
Cute card!

JP said...

10 punds well done!!!!

From the look of your photos you don't look like you need to loose anything...


Angela said...

Thanks Jp! Glad to see you are still checking in! :) And no from the face shot you dont see that I need to lose weight. Because I carry it lower. But its there, trust me. :)

JP said...

I keep looking for football updates... What you doing for the Superbowl

No there have been other pictures of you.. 10lbs is 4 kgs right?

I am writing from work, and it is so hard, everyday till next monday will be over 100 degrees.. I want to be sitting next to (or in) the pool with some cold drinks not here..

Summer sucks when you have to work

Angela said...


Be glad its summer! The winter bites here! :) Its so cold and we are supposed to get about 4 inches of snow tonight. Yuck! But I do agree that summer sucks when you have to work! I am in the same boat.

I will post one last football post before the SuperBowl rooting on the Arizona Cardinals! :) Stay tuned.

Ami said...

Good luck I'm proud of you!