Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My daughters basketball team....

I am sure most of you are thinking "Oh no, another patriots football post" but no its not that this time!! :) My daughters Jr/Sr high school is also the Patriots. :) And they use the same symbol so this has 2 purposes. This time its about my daughters basketball team. On Monday night, they played their first ACAC tournament game. They played the Jr high from Bluffton. The last time we played these girls both the 7th and 8th grade teams litterally walked all over them. So I dont want to say the girls went into this game overly confidant but they did think they could beat them. I got there in the middle of the 7th grade game and it was pretty much a repeat of the first time. They walked all over Bluffton. :) YAY for them. When the 8th grade game started we knew right away that this team had worked their tales off and were very good. It was going to be a very tough game for our girls. The game was tied through half time. We would score and they would answer right away and score. In the 3rd, they took a 5 point lead and normally our girls give up at this point so I was concerned. We stayed about 5 points down until a minute and 41 seconds left of them game and then completely rallied back. We took back the lead by a point with a minute left and from there we just had to play safe and play tough defense. We got fouled and went to the line with about 5 seconds left in the game and made both shots. I literally thought the coach was going to kiss the floor. She was on her hands and knees! The whole crowd was on their feet. And with just a few seconds left obviously Bluffton couldnt take back the lead or even tie it. So we won 37-34. It had to be the most exciting game they have played all season and the BEST game I have seen out of those girls. So now its onto Wednesday night and the 2nd tournament game. I am thinking we will be playing a team that is super tough and killed us during regular season so we are hoping for the best.

Ooops, didnt mean for this post to turn into a book. :) I am just VERY proud of my daughter and her team! They played awesome!! My hands and throat are still recovering. :)

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