Friday, February 20, 2009

Friendship Card

Good morning everyone! Boy am I wiped out this morning! This is my first week of getting up at 4:15am to go to the gym before work. I had been working out after work but decided to join the gym with a friend and go before work. And today I am TIRED! I am so glad tomorrow is Saturday so that I can sleep in! The gym isnt open till 7am on Saturdays so I get to sleep in for a few hours! YAY!
I made this card using all SU stuff except the ribbon and the flower. They are just misc stuff I had in my stash. I really love this stamp set!! And the new colors of cardstock and pattern paper I got are really fun to play with!
So I have been making all these cards for my blog lately and I have collected quite a few of them. I havent been making them for any particular reason other than to post here. So what do you do with all your extra cards. I am thinking about taking them to work and setting them out for the ladies to look through and purchase. Someone is always looking for a card for one reason or another and it seems like I have a nice variety in the container. Anywhere from baby to sympathy and just because type cards.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!!



Kimmie0270 said...

I give you major credit for getting up so early for your workouts. I can't get out of bed early - so I stay up late to do my workout.

Very cute card, love that stamp!

haley said...

SOOO cute! i love those colors! they make me think of spring and summer and warmth! love it!